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Update - 8/10 Reopening Soon!


Update - Our goal and mission is to bring the joy of organic, healthy and delicious food to you. To better serve our community, we have decided to move our shop to a larger, more appropriate kitchen next door to facilitate our mission.

Our new location features a new elixers and tonics bar. Our herbalist will brew a perfect tincture tailored for you with incredible superfood and wild produce. Additionally, we will have be featuring a new seasonal menu with delicious and unique sourdough culture. Our chefs are working hard as we speak recipe testing and working with local ingredients. More info. to come soon! We have options for delivery, takeout, and curbside pick up. Coming soon.

Moreover, due to demand for yummy veganic and healthy dessert, we have decided to transform our original location will be a veganic superfood organic soft serve shop - Sweet Journey Soft Serve. Check out our new website. It is still under development so some links and pictures will be updated.

In summary, our team is working tirelessly everyday for the past months renovating our 2 new shops - Journey Cafe 2.0 and Sweet Journey Soft Serve. Our dessert shop will open in just a few weeks from today and Journey will relaunch with a grand reopening party about a month from now.

We look forward to serving you soon ! :)

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