• Samuel Kuo

Journey Cafe 2.0

Despite all the odds, we never gave up...

Seemed like mission impossible opening 2 veganic food establishment during covid-19. Or so everyone tells us. Or maybe it's that vegan power that keeps us going non-stop. 🤔

Here's to show that nothing is impossible.

Despite losing everything and despite having to rebuild everything from scratch (not once but twice!), and after 6 months of working our butts off.. we are now gifted with 2 the birth of 2 new veganic food establishments.

First came Sweet Journey..

And now.. coming October...

Journey Cafe 2.0. Handcrafted, farm fresh, and 💯 percent vegan cuisine and mocktails/elixers. Experience the magic of healing foods like never before. Are you in for the journey?

Stay tuned,

Team Journey


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